As diamond specialists we at Carigi understand that each piece of jewellery deserves our utmost attention. We invite you to explore these unique pieces.


The Story

Carigi has its foundations in Antwerp, the diamond center of the world. Through the years, the company has made quite an evolution. The driving force behind all of it was the current president of Carigi, Guy Van Malderen.


Since its beginning, Carigi represents excellence, rarity, and beauty. It therefore uses the best craftsmen and the finest gems. But above all, Carigi likes to stand for confidence, honest dealing and transparency.



Really understanding diamonds, the most noble of all precious stones, is a competence that cannot be taught in books or even workshops. It comes with years of experience and knowledge, acquired through effort and commitment to the trade.


Exceptional craftsmanship is woven through the collection of Carigi, it is the mark of the house. From the initial design to the final masterpiece, craftsmanship runs through the company as a red line to follow.


At Carigi we are inspired by life, by an ever changing world, by what surrounds us every day and, most of all, by diamonds.